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A little bit about the purpose of a site about Heath

Being a total ego maniac I like to see my websites at the top of the search engines when I search for Heath, Heath Weaver, and Weaver. At the same time their may be one or possibly two people who wanted to know a little more about me, I mean, more about Mr. Weaver.

To make sure that those two people learn their lesson I have included far more than they ever wanted to know. That'll learn 'em.

Biography: The Life and Times of Heath Justin Weaver in 16 volumes

I was born on a tepid and muggy day in mid June in some town that no one really cares about called Pocatello. Then a lot things happened. For instance, my mother was pretty sure I was going to be a girl, which just as a shout out to her (hi mom) is not really a great start for a boy. So from what I hear she was really keen on the name Heather.

Well hopefully the surprise ending isn't completely blown by the fact that I am not named Heather, but rather Heath, which I am told by my parents was the idea of my father, who was watching a TV show called The Big Valley, which incidentally the lead character, Mr. Lee Majors (a.k.a. THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN), was called Heath. Heath Barkley was the illegitimate son of the late father of the show, Thomas Barkley. Heath was an outsider to the family, but was eventually accepted into the clan. One of the really cool things about Heath was that he always wore black.

So continuing on in the story, I lived in Kerns, Utah and did some things, then moved to St. George and did more things. After that I lived in Orem, Utah, then in Nebraska for a little while, then I went back to St. George, Utah, then up to Salt Lake City, Utah after I finished some things there I went to New York, where I did some really interesting things. After that I moved to Belgium, doing European things, moved back to San Diego, did beach things and some other things, then back to Belgium, where I am currently doing all sorts of different things and that pretty much brings you up on my life to date.

What else you should know

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Heath Weaver is a guy who lives in Belgium. His first name is Heath and his last name is Weaver. One very interesting thing about Heath is that his name is Heath, which incidentally is not a very common name. Heath Ledger of course also shares the first name of Heath, which almost makes Heath Weaver a celebrity. Well, maybe not.